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Clamshell Take Out Food Containers

Biodegradable food containers manufacturer in China. We provide eco-friendly clamshell styled Take Out Food Containers, made of bagasse or sugarcane fibers. Contains No Plastic or Wax Lining.

New style design is easy to open and close when necessary.

Without any liquids leaking out from the sides

The box holds up and transports food very well.

They can be used in the microwave.

It really helps with keeping the quality of the food.

Heats food nicely, closes securely and sturdy.

4 compartment meal prep containers

4 Compartment Takeaway Food Container

Microwaveable and able to be put into the dishwasher. Our 4 Compartment Food Containers makes it easy for weekly meal prep. It's compact lunch containers for adults!

Extra thick material and high quality.

Lid seals tightly Keep food fresh

Can be safely put into the freezer, microwave.

Excellent for portion control and packing multiple foods.

A great quantity of food in a very organized manner. 

It's a good ideal for breakfast and lunch for work.

bento lunch boxes for adults

Bento Boxes For Adults

Wooden material traditional bento box can keep food safety.
Typical style takeout lunch box, perfect to match with delicious foods.

The product is not allowed to be used in the microwave.

Classical, functional, and comfortable.

Healthy, plastic-free, close to nature.

Made from high-quality poplar material with inside laminate.

Very light and beautiful lunch box.

It makes your lunch more delicious than usual.

Rectangular Wooden Box With Lid

Wooden Takeout Container With Lid

Disposable food Wooden Takeout Container, Poplar punnet with lamination on the inside and plastic clear lid. Providing 4, 6, 7 compartments in the rectangular poplar container.

4, 6,7 different compartment in the container.

Wooden box made from poplar with a special food grade.

Shipped flat for convenient storage.

Modern, sleek and sustainable

Perfect for individual size snack boxes

 Suitable for packing dry, light, hot food , wet dishes.

Macarons Packaging Box

Macarons Packaging Box

An elegant Macaron Display Tray for your bakery products. Packed in wooden punnet macaron gift boxes. This is actually a nice feature as it saves on storage space and attracts more customers.

With one clear plastic tray and lid.

Number of display trays: 5 Pieces

We can OEM different Macaron gift box size and printing.

Safely pack your decadent macarons.

With no setup and die-cut charges.

Easy to transport and assemble.