PLA Food Packaging – Sustainable Takeaway Containers

Why we should choose the PLA food container?

PLA takes annually renewable resources – corn, cassava, and other plants as raw material.
After fermentation by microorganisms, lactic acid will be extracted, then PLA will be produced through
a process of refining, dehydration polymerization, high-temperature pyrolysis,
and final polymerization. PLA has excellent biodegradable property. After disposal, within one year,
it can be degraded into carbon dioxide and water by microorganisms in the soil,
and do no harm to our environment. PLA is a kind of aliphatic polyester with basic characteristics of general
macromolecule materials. PLA has good mechanical properties, low shrinkage, and is competent to the application
of most synthetic plastics, also it’s widely used in the production of package materials
(such as eco-friendly food containers), disposable tableware, household electrical appliance shell, fiber,
3D supplies, etc.

Because PLA derives from renewable plant resources but not the petroleum-based traditional plastics,
so it can truly realize energy-saving and environmental protection, and PLA is considered to be the
most promising new “ecological material”.